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What a GREAT NIGHT of BJJ Belt Promotions!
A total of 25 graduates receiving their NEW well deserved rank in Brazilian Jiujitsu from Head Instructors Professor Bill Scott @bjjshoreacademy and Professor Jay Malley @silvafusion @thekaratedojo_bjjmma on May 30th, 2018.
The mats were packed with supportive teammates, coaches, parents, families n friends along with our affiliate academies!
THANK YOU to everyone who came tonight as it is important to show support for one another in their achievements. Your patience and presence does not go unnoticed.
We are very grateful for all our amazing black belt instructors n coaches who grace the mats daily sharing their knowledge and teachings of this grappling art, helping us to improve each day both on and off the mats!
Our BJJ family is growing and we are all on this amazing journey together. Let’s keep getting after it!! 




GREEN BELTS: Justin Krosnicki, Nicky Kaplan
BLUE BELTS: Matt Garrity, John Quispe, Josh Kopp, Paul Kotch, Santino Giampa, James Guarino, Steve Gitlin //
(Fusion students) Sophia Siccone, Freddie Boasi // 
(Karate dojo students)
Ed Mitreuter, Brian Walling, Anthony Adams, Sean Adams, Kevin Cairns 
PURPLE BELTS: Warren Black, Eric Alders, Franco Galasso, / (Paul Philips, Pat Connor promoted on thurs 6/1/18)


BROWN BELTS: Jeff Eisenberg, Tony Silva, Ken Rayhon, Russell Pearce 


All the promotion pics from this evening placed in an album: Click on link and check them out: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JwpUXRBRld62bUqq0E8rubi7h-PDr9oT

Students are welcome to tag yourself or download any photo. A big thanks student and photographer Anthony Certa for taking the time to capture all the great moments of the night, especially for the students!
More GREAT Promotions to come this Fall.
Keep training hard n remember to have fun!!