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Our youth programs focus on physical as well as mental fitness and the goal is for children to learn self-confidence, self-respect along with self-defense.

Classes are structured so that your child will be educated and motivated through positive affirmation which will have the most important effect on them teaching that disciplined and dedicated effort ALWAYS brings positive results.

We invite you to try BJJ Shore Academy for your child’s Martial Arts experience FREE!! 

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[onethirdscontent title=”Little Champs“]Class is for Toddlers (*Ages 3.5 & 4) – *The 3.5 yr olds vary depending on attention and listening skills, some may need more time to begin Little Champs. (Must be potty trained) FREE 2 Week Trials are offered to see if they can take part in the class setting.

Help to build and create greater strength, flexibility, coordination and early sports skills. Increasing confidence, integration into groups, willingness to try new things and initiate play, listening skills, a sense of pride in achievements!

•   Listening skills
•   Motor skills
•   Balance
•   Flexibility
•   Body Posture
•   Respect
•   Comprehension
•   Coordination

Little Champ students must reach the requirements and age before graduating to the Kids BJJ Basic Program. Class is 30 minutes [/onethirdscontent]
[onethirdscontent title=”Kids BJJ“](Ages 5 – 8)

Classes combine the basics of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Grappling

Warm –Up: Light jog, calisthenics repetitions, specific BJJ drills (break falls & hip movements)

BJJ Lessons/Flow Drills: Basic Self Defense BJJ techniques, takedown drills/grappling and judo throws are instructed and applied with a training partner. Flow Drills/Randori (aka: live training) Techniques taught are put together in a flow format for the students to practice.

Kids are partnered up by size, age and skill level
Class is 45 Minutes

[onethirdscontent title= “Kids BJJ”] (Ages 9 -12) Our expert Jiu Jitsu instructors will show your child all the classic Jiu Jitsu moves in addition to all the basics and standard structure. Your child’s self-confidence will be forged as he or she masters the Jiu Jitsu mounts, side mounts, takedowns, guard positions and basic submissions. Randori a.k.a Live Training will also apply. Class is 45 minutes

This training will also guide them along an exciting journey to becoming a black belt champion!!

Our Kids BJJ program involves:

•   Developing a “non-quitting spirit”
•   Respect and sportsmanship values
•   Leadership skills
•   Confidence
•   Self-defense
•   Improved athleticism
•   Fitness development


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Classes begin with a traditional bow and greeting from the instructor and end with a bow and closing statement.

Each student is to wear a Gi /Kimono (School Uniform) which is required for BJJ training and can be purchased at the academy when enrolled in the program. Each class follows a structured belt ranking system. Students are promoted with stripes and new belts once requirements are achieved!!


BJJ Shore Academy KIDS Martial Arts

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