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Sunday November 15th, 2015 proved to be another very special day in BJJ Shore Academy history and for head instructor Professor Bill Scott as he promoted his first very own black belts this year!!
HUGE CONGRATULATIONS goes out to students Chris Romanow and Todd Willey who graduated to BLACK and received their well deserved promotion from Professor Bill who is a 2nd degree black belt under Master Pablo Popovitch and recently became recognized as an IBJJF Certified 2nd Degree.
The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) is a main governing body associated highly for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and according to the rules, to be qualified to promote another black belt, the head instructor must be at a minimum rank of 2nd degree.
BJJ Shore Academy’s previous 14 black belts dating all the way back to 2009 received their very special promotion from Master Pablo with Professor Bill by his side.
Our school’s tradition continues with high standards under the guidance of our head instructor. We have a long list of students at the academy on target training hard as they work towards their journey to black.
BJJ Shore Academy is proud to have produced a total of 16 Black Belts to date, including our brand NEW Professors:

We are extremely fortunate and grateful to have multiple black belts training daily on the mats with all the students.
Bill Scott BJJ Shore Academy is highly respected in the BJJ community and our family continues to grow with the best students and instructors we could of ever asked for.
We thank our entire family for their super dedication, training, support and loyalty from the very present to throughout the years!!
You all make the academy GREAT!!
This very special memorable day was filled with positive energy and excitement as many students and friends showed up to support their teammates and watch them graduate!! We also know not everyone was able to make it that day but your spirit was there with us too.

A BIG Thank You to all our amazing black belts, students, friends and family who helped to make this day one for all of us to remember and to Professors Bill Scott, Jay Malley and Mike Kaplan who shared some very inspirational views, stories and thoughts to all the students and new graduates!!

Congrats Bill Scott BJJ Black Belts:


“A Black Belt is a White Belt that Never Quit”
…and is expected to continue with the utmost dedication, the pursuit of excellence in the MARTIAL ARTS.


BB 2015 class

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