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BJJ Shore Academy hosted an informative Women Self Defense Seminar on August 25th, 2017.

These ladies received some hands-on practical training skills for protection and worked from different scenarios and situations that could arise during an attack. The techniques were easy to do and to remember! The workshop lasted approx 2 hrs and began with the group receiving important valuable information for potentially dangerous situations given by Law Enforcement (NJSP) Rich Ashkar who is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at our academy and lead this seminar along with our head instructor 3rd degree Black Belt Bill Scott.

Assistant students on the mats helping were BJJ Black Belt Tim Nafey, Law Enforcement and BJJ students Vin O’Rourke (Wall PD), Mike Terranova (Manchester PD), Greg Restivo (Manasquan PD) and Andrea Nafey, Harleigh Burst, Rich Travali. THANK YOU to them all for their instruction and assistance!

GREAT JOB to the local Women & Teen girls who came out to learn and a Thanks also to BJJ student Mike Terranova (Manchester PD) for offering the ladies from Apache CrossFit to be part of this important workshop! Remember that knowing at least one thing to stay safe is better than nothing at all.

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YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO CAUTIOUS!! >>>>>DON’T BE A STATISTIC!! You have the absolute right to defend yourself! Find out what you can do right now to keep yourself safe from harm. What you DON’T know , can literally kill you! ***PRIVATE GROUP SEMINARS AVAILABLE – Inquire Within /

ATTENTION LADIES: Contact us if you would like to hold a private group seminar at anytime and or stay in contact for when we host our next public seminar! Learn to protect yourself, refresh your skills and continue to be updated and aware!! STAY SAFE – DON’T BE A VICTIM School Web: www.billscottbjj.com

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