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HAPPY NEW YEAR and a great way to start 2019 for these 15 students tonight who all received their new belt rank from Professor Bill Scott!!

CONGRATULATIONS to our BJJ Graduates: 9 Blue Belts, 1 Purple Belt, 3 Brown Belts and 2 of our Newest BJJ Black Belts!! 
It was an awesome night of special promotions and live training at the Shore!! We couldn’t be more proud and happy for everyone’s achievement earning their new rank especially for our black belts!! (A very special and honorable rank to receive) Keep up the great work and continue to train hard on the mats in the art of Brazilian JiuJitsu. More great promotions coming this year… the journey continues! Awesome job 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

BLUE BELTS: Grace Lempka, Todd Traina, Ed Dwyer, Anthony Certa, Charles Ambio, Makana Steinmetz, Matt Marcino, Charlie Schliep, Jon Crowley

PURPLE BELT: Kevin Walsh

BROWN BELTS: Rich Zimmerer, Maria Evans, Ted Haas 

BLACK BELTS: Art Oliver, Jermaine Clay 

Thank you to all who came out to support the teammates and a big shout out to the parents, friends and family who drove from far away to support!! #oss