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LITTLE CHAMPS (Ages 3.5 & 4 yr olds) RESUME TUESDAY JUNE 8TH at 3:45pm!

INTRO Class is for Toddlers (*Ages 3.5 & 4) – FREE 2 Week Trials are offered to see if they can take part in the class setting. (must be potty trained)

Help to build and create greater strength, flexibility, coordination and early sports skills. Increasing confidence, integration into groups, willingness to try new things and initiate play, listening skills, a sense of pride in achievements.

•   Listening skills
•   Motor skills
•   Balance
•   Flexibility
•   Body Posture
•   Respect
•   Comprehension
•   Coordination

Class is 30 minutes  – *(Every Tuesday)

Little Champ students must reach the requirements and age before graduating to the Kids BJJ Basic Program (Ages 5-12)

BRAZILIAN JIUJITSU gives kids an amazing platform to develop their physical abilities as well as focus, discipline and confidence!

Email us if you are interested and have a little one ready to start training!