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Congratulations students who received their well deserved new arm band rank on March 24th from Kru Tom Dowd.
Dedication and hard work have gotten them here as they were tested in their respected rank!
Big Congrats also to students Claudio and Joe who accomplished excellence and achievement in the highest rank Black!!
Coaches and teammates are super proud of you all. The journey doesn’t stop..Keep gettin after it 💪🏻

*Orange – Alain Cervantes
*Green – Scott Greenwald, Kathy Greenwald, Mike Takas, Courtney Takas, Jorge Villa
*Purple – Mike Anderson, Grace Lempka, Keri Ventura
*BLACK – Claudio Graziano, Joe Antunez
Thank you also to assistant Kru instructors (Howie, Patty, Marcelo, Giavanna, Mike, Chris) for helping with the graduation, testing and guiding the students weekly in their training @bjjshoreacademy
Mon, Tues, Thurs 8pm
Adults & Teens, Beginners and Advance welcome!

Muay Thai Graduation – March 24th, 2021