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Kevin Koch
Sr. Investigator
NJDOC – Special Investigations Division

As a law enforcement officer and a certified Police Training Commission certified instructor, I’ve attended countless seminars and training courses, many of which have focused on self defense. In my business, you have to train as if your life depends on it, because some day it may.Having known Professor Bill for many years, I knew of his dedication, skill, and resilience for the sport of wrestling. I’ve watched him fight in a cage, and now have the honor of being a Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu student at Shore Academy under his lead. As I stated earlier, I’ve been to a ton of different training for self defense. When I started attending Shore Academy as a student, I was immediately impressed with the structure of the academy. I was equally impressed with the amount of talented, patient, and knowledgeable instructors Professor Bill has in his arsenal. What was also evident was the fact that EVERYONE at Shore Academy helps each other, no matter who you are or what belt color you possess. At Shore Academy, you always feel as if your on a team.

When I started training under Professor Bill, I was 247 pounds. In the first five months of training, I dropped 22 pounds without changing my diet. To date, I have kept the weight off. For those of us over 40, we all know how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off.

In closing, for those of you considering trying Jiu-Jitsu, this is the place to be. Whether your a law enforcement officer, teacher, or a homemaker, you can do it. If you want world class instruction in a safe, structured, and clean environment, Shore Academy is where it’s at. Hope to see you on the mat!”



Chris Romanow
Age 44
Local Business Owner

Walking in the door was the hardest part… I will admit the thought of learning a martial art like Brazilian jiu-jitsu at age 41 seemed like a long shot.But I wanted to have a fun hobby that got me in shape and going to the gym seemed liked work,

I decided to give Bill Scott a call, he was highly recommended by one of my clients, Bill Scott is a “legendary” wrestler. who grew up and still lives in my town of Brick.

The minute we spoke I thought he was a good guy, very respectful and he invited to come by and check out the school.

The rest is “history”…

Professor Bill ( as he is know on the mat) is unique individual, who has a great interest in other people and has a gift for instruction.

Some other good things about the school: family atmosphere, clean, structured classes for all levels, 9 Black Belt instructors!! and super fair class pricing with no long term contracts or commitment.

As someone who runs a family owned business, I can tell that Bill is not in it for the money, he enjoys his students and loves martial arts..

I would encourage anyone thinking about trying a martial art to give Bill a call, the ONLY thing you’ll regret is that you did not do it sooner

Hope to see you on the mat!



Michael Schaller - BJJ Blue Belt - Bill Scott BJJ

LT. Michael Schaller
New Jersey State Police
Age 42

I have been training with Professor Bill for almost a year and half. I had no prior experience in any martial art and I was 40 years old, so I was apprehensive on day one. From the minute I walked into the school, I was made to feel at home and lost any reservations I had going in. Professor Bill and the other instructors at the school blend instruction, intensity, and safety so the atmosphere is especially conducive to learning. The instructors are top notch and there is a great student/instructor ratio s

o that everyone gets the attention they need. The classes are structured in a manner that allows for beginners and lower belts to work with the many purple and brown belts in the room, which provides for an additional layer of instruction. My fellow students come from all walks of life, and while we may range in age and experience, we share a mutual respect for one another, as well as a commitment to improving each others practice. I canʼt say enough about the many training partners who have helped me along the way. The workouts are like nothing else you are going to find out there, and I have lost weight and improved both my cardio and my flexibility. All that and at the same time I am learning a new skill that I truly enjoy working on. Lastly, I have been a law enforcement officer for over twenty years and would highly recommend Jiu Jitsu to anyone who is currently employed as or contemplating a career in law enforcement. It is a skill that could easily translate into real life situations and would give you an advantage if you became involved in a physical confrontation.

To Professor Bill, my instructors, and my training partners: Thank you!



BJJ Training

Tony Ravallo: Age 37 / Occupation: Wonder Bread / Hostess CakeAnthony Ravallo:Age14 / Student

My son and I started training at BJJ Shore Academy in May of 2007. Prior to that I trained for many years in a stand up traditional martial art. I had no grappling experience, so I set out to get some by training BJJ. What I found was an art that had everything I was looking for. Professor Bill Scott’s well structured curriculum teaches BJJ for both the sporting aspect as well as the self defense aspect. You learn in a safe, clean enviroment, and Professor Bill’s teaching staff is like none other, extremley knowledgeable and patient. My only regret is that I didn’t find this art many years ago. My son Anthony started wrestling for his school last year. Since he started training with Professor Bill, his second wrestling season has proved to be a winning one. Walk into BJJ Shore Academy at any given time and you will witness people from all walks of life, from the student to the retired. You will witness professional fighters training for their next fight, and an array of law enforcement personnel honing their skills for on the job survival, and of course, you’ll witness the common everyday dad and his son spending time together, training hard and learning something valuable. Thank you Professor Bill and staff for your time and patience.



Coach_dan_200“I have been a New Jersey State Trooper for over 10 years and have attended a resume of training but nothing has compared to the instruction/training I have received from Professor Bill Scott. As anyone in law enforcement knows once you leave the academy your skills start to diminish so it is of the utmost importance to continue training. At the BJJ Shore Academy Professor Bill Scott has been able to incorporate his vast knowledge of wrestling, self defense, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu into a well structured training environment which has enabled me to sharpen my skills and increase my self confidence. Most importantly, the structured curriculum allows for safe training and a great learning environment for people of any profession.”

– Detective I Daniel Strassheim #5654, New Jersey State Police



“Since I began studying at the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Shore Academy eight months ago, I’ve become stronger mentally and spiritually.  I’ve gained an inner confidence from my training, knowing that it has made me a better person.Professor Bill Scott and his coaches are individuals who are devoted to teaching this great martial art to others.  The students encourage and help each other to improve their own skill levels; there is also an overall feeling of Camaraderie that is present.”

– Sean Corrigan, Age: 21 | Student



Steve Bruckner
Age: 34 | Target Pharmacist

“BJJ Shore Academy has a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you are looking to learn self defense, just a good work out or want to learn a new martial art Bill Scott and his teachers cover it all. The school is geared for the beginner all the way up to those who fight competively. Being unfamilar with Jui Jitsu when I first started I was concerned the classes would move to fast . Some people are naturally athletic and learning a new sport comes easily but not for myself. Some of us need extra time to learn something new and that is what is great about this school. You may not be the quickest learner but Bill Scott and his team will take the time to teach you correctly and to help make you better. They are not out to only train the best of the best. They are there to teach anyone to better defend themselves. Bill Scott and his instructors help to teach local and state law enforcement officers hand to hand combat so you can be assured you are getting quality training. Another important fact to remember 99% of the students have full time jobs and safety is a big focus. You will hear Bill regularly say If you get hurt you can’t train and we all have to work the next day. So workouts are structured to accomadate your ability level to prevent injuries. The past 10 months have been fun and you’ll feel great to see yourself improve. Thanks to Bill and his staff.”



Ben Deacon -  Bill Scott BJJ

Ben Deacon | Age: 20

I started training with Bill at the Shore academy in July of 07. Since then I have fell in love with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Bill and our coaches incorporate such a wide variety of jiu jitsu from self defense to competition training. Before coming to this school I was a complete different person than what this school has molded me into and for that I cannot say enough about Bill and our instructors. I came from being a cocky kid to being very humbled by the lack of knowledge I had about self defense and grappling. I could not be happier with what this group of guys have taught me, not just about jiu jitsu but about life and myself. This is the place to come to if you are looking for something to give you structure, a workout, or just something to better yourself. It is the best atmosphere you could be in; everyone is nice and pleasant to be around. I canʼt say enough about my classmates. Everyone is trying to help each other out. I think thatʼs what this school is about because we believe that if we make someone else better it makes us better because we get to train with better people and believe me we have the best people in the world to train with. So I am here to stay because I want to become the best jiu jitsu practitioner I can become and I believe if that is going to happen I have to stay with Bill and our coaches and just learn from their knowledge.I want to thank Bill and all our coaches Dan, Greg, Mike, Nick, and pretty much the whole class.